Lead your community with ease.

Making your vision into a reality begins with the right combination of services, and each one we offer is designed to work together, creating successful, seamless and stress-free operations for any association. From full management to accounting, at Neighborhood Services Corporation, you can count on knowing that every service offering is carried out by the qualified, friendly experts who will work with your board to lighten the load of leadership and create a thriving community.

Complete Management

Seamlessly handling every aspect of your community’s operations

With our comprehensive suite of management services, your association will provide the living experience your homeowners expect. We act as your trusted advisors and execute your plans to successfully operate your association.


Setting you up for financial success

Responsibly managing your community’s resources is a cornerstone of your fiduciary duty. At Neighborhood Services Corporation, we offer expert accounting services that will give your community financial strength and secure technology solutions that will give your board peace of mind.

Condominium Management

Giving your residents the service they deserve

We know each condominium community is unique, and your residents expect the best service. Our industry-leading experts are ready to provide the personalized and hands-on management your community expects.


Getting the job done right, every time.

Properly maintaining the community’s physical assets will preserve it for years to come. At Neighborhood Services Corporation, we provide communities with thorough repair and maintenance services performed by professional technicians that you can trust.

Gate Operations

Rely on worry-free security for your community.


Gates in Oklahoma are especially challenging – when the wind comes sweeping down the plains, gates often get in the way. We have the expertise, experience and equipment to help you maintain and operate your gate for your community’s protection.

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