Thornbrooke Village Homeowners Association, Inc.

Thornbrooke Village is a privately gated community on the east side of Bryant Avenue just north of 33rd Avenue in East Edmond. Neighborhood dues are currently $650.00, payable each year, and go towards neighborhood security, maintenance of the entrances & common areas and insurance.


Gate Info:


The entry gates can be open from 2pm – 4pm the first Sunday of each month to accommodate Open Houses. The gates will be opened ONLY when a the request has been submitted, in writing, to Beth Burger at Neighborhood Services. The deadline to submit your request is no later than the Wednesday before. If a resident cannot work with the first Sunday, the realtor or realtor assistant MUST be present at the entry terminal to qualify any person wanting to attend an Open House.

Board Members/Contact Info

Kara G

Community Manager

Steve Cole


Linda Stone


Steve Dowling

Arc Review

Jennifer Cole

Arc Review

Rick Joiner

Gate Director

Jill Jones

Covenants Guidelines