Stonebriar Elms & Enclave Homeowners Association, Inc.

Another area of Stonebriar, is the Elms & Enclave of Stonebriar, which is also gated for the residents to enjoy their privacy.
Lawn care in The Elms are provided by the HOA.
Besides the yearly dues of $330.00 owed to Stonebriar main HOA, Elms homeowners pay an additional $1,423.00 per year to the Elms of Stonebriar for these services. ($319.00 – 1st Quarter      $368.00 – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarters)
Enclave of Stonebriar pays $319.00 per year.
Please see below for pool information & gate form.
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Gate Info:

Please contact your Community Manager at Neighborhood Services for all gate inquiries.