Olde Towne Homeowners Association, Inc.

Olde Towne is single family residential located in Edmond with a beautiful pond, scenic jogging trail, and a community park. Olde Towne is
conveniently located near downtown, Kickingbird shopping center, Kickingbird Golf & Tennis Centers.

Association Dues are $475.00 & go toward the maintenance of these amenities & insurance coverage on the lush common elements

To address Community Concerns, please contact the HOA Board: vlawson1901@gmail.com

For Accounting Assistance, Please contact:  KaraG@neighborhoodsplus.com


Olde Towne ByLaws 253.6 KB

Property Restrictions

Olde Towne Covenants 1001.6 KB

Olde Towne ARC Form 87.6 KB